Saturday, July 10, 2010


While down in Killala I got a mad craving for fresh fish and went down to the harbour to get some but chickened out when I got there because I thought it was very much a local thing to do so just took a picture instead :)


19 weeks and a bit, don't know if that's Mclentilpants or Carmel chew chew? So until I feel a kick I will rename the bump Carmel chew chew McFufu

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Couldn't figure out why he spent 2 hours in the kitchen, I said to him "right Blo I'm going to put the chicken in and I'll feed you" He waited 2 hours for that chicken.... never known a dog to love chicken as much!


Yes that's my father trying to kill my husband....he's jealous of his cooking skillz and showing him up.


EPIC Fail of a swizzroll and so fricking sour!!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010


This is Amy's puppy, They know it's hers because when it goes back on it's back it sticks it's tongue out and puts its paw up by his face....I could squeeze it all day long but it's not vaccinated so I wasn't allowed near it :(


These guys are so cute they deserve 2 days!! Amy and Richie are getting a new puppy OMG cuteness but they will have to wait another 4 weeks to get it :(


Just me and ma friand.... poor cleo, she takes such crap off those birds