Friday, July 30, 2010


Do you remember when you used to make cinnamon buns and they were sticky and yummy...hmmm I'd love some.
No, she says but yet she comes to my door with a plate of them this evening....nyom


You have to sometimes, when life hands you the shovel you gotta shovel through the shit and just laugh.... I seem to attract drama and poor Mclentilpants is at the brunt of it all. Hope your ok ickle one :(


Ice cream and tea, is there any better comfort. Dunk ' n lick, dunk ' n lick.....


Thyroid scan results came back, they aren't increasing my dosage but they found that my thyroid is producing an antibody that could attack the baby (not in a ninja way you understand but something along the lines) They just have to keep an eye on it


Wooo new perfume! I love vouchers :) got new perfume and mascara and all I had to pay was €1.50. SHhhh it's Brittney Spears perfume but it's gorgeous and such a pretty bottle (lol just saw you can see me take the photo)

Monday, July 26, 2010


Anne showed me how to make new embellishments! The white pieces are the moulds and I use the green bend bake in it to make the actual embellishments. I'll take a photo when they are finished because they are crap right now!


ok ok enough puppies!


Amy meet Frodo, Frodo meet your new mummy...