Saturday, August 28, 2010


Yahhh I got to make a tag today, it was jumping to get out of me!!!


Some days I wish I could go back to carefree hopscotch days, some parts of being a grown up suck...


Another movement photo.  I put new batteries in this fella and he went mental, his arm is going to fall off from repetitive strain injury and he keeps making an annoying click as his arm goes down but can't say anything because he is good luck!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


This is what happens after 2 hours sleep, jumpers are put on backwards and makes me look like I have a jumper that says I love my bum. Even at 5 this morning this was funny!


Ever since Frodo showed Diablo up with his tricks he has been trying harder to get his treats. He still won't give into giving us his paw (you want me to give you my what?) and won' fully lie down (the ground is cold and my belly is shaved) but he's a charmer all the same!


Movement: Grainne's idea :) D was playing his tricks on the landing with Diablo trying to hypnotize him...didn't work!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


This lil fella is as old as the school! The wings were red once, but well weathered now. There's something really nostalgic about it and I love it!


Spidey potato head....awesome! I asked D if Mclentilpants would ever be allowed play with his toys  figurines and apparently not a chance, the are only allowed on the shelf and that's it. I will never understand men....


One of my most favourite pair of earrings :) D has it sweet, I love kitsch jewellery but allergic to nickle so cant just wear any old crap!


Out of the wildness of our lavender bush sprang a lil red flower, must be a blow in but the splash of red in the purple is gorgeous!


Pillar box red was what I wanted the door to be...after attempt one of trying it ourselves, the wind made half the street stick to it and a newspaper it was destroyed so we had to pay €150 to fix our DIY blunder. We just don't actively participate in DIY anymore!


Started this book this week, meh.... it's slow moving and heavy. My concentration span is about a pamphlet now so maybe I should side line it!


This weeks theme is red :)