Saturday, September 4, 2010


May as well wash them now even though they are about 6 times too big and they are only 0-3 months! They all smell like bebe though, it's lovely :)


Better get used to this, a scan a day keeps the labour away..fingers crossed!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


There's her head and her belly and her little hand with fingers.....don't come out too soon Mrs you are still teeny tiny!


27weeks and 4 days, she's still hiding in there.....
and not finished baking! I have to go get my steroid shot tomorrow because they are admitting me next week in Dublin. So I'll be all alone up there, nothing better to do than my 365 I suppose. If she got another 6 weeks of baking I'd be grateful but she's only measuring about 24 weeks. If she could have at least grown to 650g since last week I'll be happy tomorrow. Getting loads of kicks but I think some are punches, some that make me scream and some makes me think that baby is a percussionist playing on my bladder, either way I love every kick she gives and every stronger one lets me know she's grown that bit more.


How long can a puppy give evil eyes to a shoe? Ohhh about 1/2 hour on and off. The smell must offend her or maybe because it's the only thing she's bigger than she feels she can intimidate it! Shortly after she shoved her nose into the window and got stung by  a wasp, poor thing was shaking and whimpering. I felt like such a bad surrogate mummy!


We went berry picking. Mammy Kelly says there was blackberries out and I believed her. Just not where I could find them. Came home with about 5 mushed berries to find raspberries on our raspberry bush and blackberries on the brambles behind the oil tank. She was right!